Eye relief in minutes. Deep sleep for hours.

The ultimate 100% blackout mask.

The best sleep starts with Cirrus

Immerse yourself in a cloud like sensation that will transport you to dreamland.

  • 100% blackout guaranteed
  • Memory foam eye pods
  • Zero eye pressure
  • Uniquely adjustable
  • Soft and breathable
  • Long lasting quality

eye masks

Shop our best-selling eye masks for the ultimate experience.

Optometrists recommend the power of heating and cooling eye therapy

We’ve made it easy to transform our sleeping mask. Simply swap the sleeping eye pods for our cooling or heating eye pods to treat a variety of eye conditions. Provide your eyes with unmatched soothing comfort.

Cirrus eye mask – recommended by eyecare professionals

100% blackout

Cirrus eye masks offer complete darkness and unparalleled comfort, ensuring a restful and undisturbed sleep.

A perfect nights sleep

Through innovative design, plush materials, and precise light-blocking capabilities, Cirrus eye masks create an oasis of tranquility and relaxation.

Improve eye health

Reduce eye strain, relieve headaches, and improve overall sleep quality, among other health benefits, with Cirrus eye masks.

Recommended by optometrists

Opticians highly recommend using eye masks to alleviate eye fatigue, soothe dryness, and promote optimal eye health and comfort.

The doctor says:

“Hot and Cold eye compression is an important and super effective way to treat common eye conditions that affect people every day. Using a Cirrus eye mask is a great way to provide fast, effective and consistent relief”
Dr Nisala

eye pods accessories

Compatible with the Cirrus eye mask

The cirrus complete bundle

For rejuvenating sleep and soothing eye relief. Experience the transformative power of hot and cold therapy for various eye conditions. Embrace the comforting warmth to ease tension or the refreshing coolness to invigorate tired eyes. Prioritise your eye health and feel the revitalising effects with Cirrus.

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Block light
Travel light

Cirrus Sleep Masks are lightweight, portable, and travel-friendly. They are compact enough to fit into any carry-on or handbag, making them ideal for frequent travellers. Whether on a long flight, in a hotel room, or during a daytime nap, Cirrus Sleep Masks enable you to create your own peaceful sanctuary wherever you are.

Try for yourself

Cirrus Sleep Masks guarantee a superior sleep experience through their exceptional comfort, light-blocking capabilities, ergonomic design, and portability. Cirrus Sleep Masks offers a simple yet effective solution for those seeking a good night’s sleep or a quick power nap by prioritising your sleep quality and ensuring an undisturbed rest.