Blackout Sleep Eye Mask

The best sleep starts with Cirrus

  • 100% black out guaranteed
  • Memory foam eye pods
  • Zero eye pressure
  • Uniquely adjustable
  • Soft and breathable
  • Long lasting quality

Enter a world of deep relaxation with the Cirrus Sleep Eye Mask.

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A complete blackout sleeping mask

Bid farewell to intrusive light. The Cirrus Sleep eye mask is engineered to ensure zero light entry. With full eye coverage and superior light-blocking materials, create the perfect ambience for a truly restful sleep. Our eye masks feature removable eye pods that can be easily swapped out for either heating or cooling eye pods, providing ultimate comfort and relief. The soft, breathable material of our adjustable sleep eye mask ensures a comfortable fit, while the 100% black-out feature blocks out all light for total darkness and uninterrupted sleep. Sleeping pods placement can be adjusted to a range of positions giving ideal fitting. 

Easily portable, the Cirrus sleep eye mask can be used at home or on-the-go. They make a great addition to any bedtime routine, or as a way to squeeze in efficient naps during the day. Don’t let poor sleep hold you back – try our 100% black-out and contoured sleep eye mask today and start getting that much-needed rest. Order now and enjoy the benefit of our free shipping.

100% black out

Zero eye pressure

Easily adjustable

Soft and breathable

Long lasting quality

Completely adjustable

We understand that comfort is key when it comes to a peaceful night’s rest. That’s why our sleep eye mask offers complete adjustability. The sleeping eye pods can be placed individually anywhere across the mask for a perfect fit. Take it a step further with the adjustable comfort strap for maximum snugness.

Zero eye pressure. 100% black out Sleep eye mask

A weightless sensation on your eyes. Our sleep mask provides ultimate relaxation with zero eye pressure. Each eye pod contours around the eyes to aid deep sleep with full eye coverage to block all light entry.

Sleep Eye Mask

Soft and breathable materials

Feel the unparalleled comfort and bliss of the Cirrus sleep eye mask. The Gentle fabric allows for optimal airflow, whilst the luxurious foam eye pods cocoon your eyes with softness throughout your slumber.

Uninterrupted sleep anywhere

Life can get busy, but sleep shouldn’t be compromised. Our blackout sleep eye mask is designed to be travel friendly so you can experience eye rejuvenation anywhere, anytime. Compact and lightweight, the Cirrus sleeping eye mask is a must-have companion for flights, bright hotel rooms or for a nap during your day wherever you are.

6 reviews for Blackout Sleep Eye Mask

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  1. O


    Amazing product!

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  2. L


    Great product!

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  3. S


    I’ve been searching for a sleep mask like this and I’ve finally found one that gies complete darkness! Feels great too, would recommend ??

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  4. HT

    Holly T

    This is such a comfy mask, so soft and lightweight & it still gives a complete black out as promised! Much needed for someone like me with just blinds in my bedroom that let in floods of light in the morning!

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  5. N


    Feels soft and comfortable, a good buy

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  6. N


    Feels soft and comfortable, a good buy

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